Oscar Gala – Best Adapted Screenplay

The New York Times’ Carpetbagger blog ran Armando Ianucci’s statement responding to In The Loop‘s Oscar nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay. No amount of profanity could make it what it is without the script’s fantastic display of brashness and freshness, which helps make idiotic leadership the clearest villain I’ve seen in fiction in a while. [See what I did there? That was a sly dig at current events about gubernatorial races and corporate leadership and stuff].

“We’re all tremendously thrilled to get this nomination,” writes Armando Iannucci, the writer and director of the satire “In the Loop,” a nominee for best adapted screenplay. ” ‘In The Loop’ was just a simple little film about how Tony Blair’s an idiot, so it’s nice to see Tony Blair’s idiocy get such international recognition.

“‘In the Loop’ was just a low-budget independently funded film, so the nomination must be proof that with limited resources but an enormous amount of profanity, you can achieve anything. Personally, it means that I will become unbearably arrogant in my belief I should have complete artistic control over all my projects, to the point that I must never be let near a camera again.”

-Heather Struck

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