People sit rapt on futons and respond to last night’s Gilligan’s Island Premiere

12 million people watched this last night. And it makes…no…sense. It’s really hard to understand Lost‘s popularity now, because that show is really hard to understand.

A selection of live blog comments from last night’s premiere reveal an almost substance-like abuse problem that its self-loathing viewers exhibit. Here are some from Twitter and from a live blog at The Awl:

Maevemealone [#968]

I don’t understand anything at all anymore! I hate Lost! I can’t wait for this stupid show I’m addicted to to just END ALREADY.

Daisy [#2667]

Another Thing I’m Wondering!

Why didn’t Danielle Rousseau recognize Jin after the Oceanic crash? (She and her team had pulled him ashore after he’d time-traveled.)

MisterHippity [#46]

Because the writers are making this up as they go along. And they didn’t think of that.

Jonathan Saffron Foyer [#3201]

But, that doesn’t mean that there weren’t two possible ways the world could have gone to begin with. It’s just now they’ve revealed what would have happened at the plane never crashed. Now, the question is which world is the actual LOST world and which one is the merely possible LOST world? which one is actual Jack and which one is counterpart Jack? This raises more questions they don’t have time to answer. […sorry what? Didn’t Abrams cover that in Star Trek, but made it work?]

blueprint [#2019]

I have seen professional football games with fewer commercials.

TWITTER – jesikalin RT @angryasianman: HELL YES. ANOTHER ASIAN DUDE ON LOST.

zerbeda19763 TV program #Lost: an attempt by humans to reconcile seemingly conflicted beliefs about time, space, religion, science, personal hygiene.

stephenwithph @andrewsunkim wait that was willy wonka music?? [was it?]

lessthanair #LOST PROPS WILL BE AUCTIONED OFF. MUST GET CHARLIES SHOES [yeah, that seems normal]

People really trust that it will end and not sputter out pathetically. And if it doesn’t, so help ABC onMay 23. This is going to be one angry mob whose lives have been sucked from them in a most cruel fashion by Walt Disney.

Heather Struck

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