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We Are the Music-Makers*

So guess who’s having a golden ticket contest? A company branded with the same name as a chocolate factory from a lovely book that was adapted into one of the best musical screenplays of my life. That’s who.

According to the Wonka (owned by Nestle) marketing team, they are hiding golden tickets in bars of their [read: delicious] chocolate, which is especially delicious with a goblet of wine. Red or white, it goes. Especially with another glass, because that first one was just to whet the palate and prime it for the chocolate anyway. The grand prize winners (there are ten, which is already contextually inaccurate, according to the film, which I have seen 10,000 times) win a trip around the world! Wow! Four destinations, three travel companions, and $12,500 spending cash.

Hm. What about this is strange? The cash, yeah. Why is Wonka giving out cash prizes? That’s a question that a nice healthy glance at their 10-K can and will address.

Anyway, this reminds me of how very much I enjoy Wonka chocolate, especially on long, thoughtful, winter days like these. Those thoughts turn to tears far too often this deep into the winter. It also reminds me of the way Gene Wilder pleased me as a kid when I watched this movie. But I always, without fail, laughed at this scene with Tim Brooke-Taylor.

*And we are the dreamers of the dreams.

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